March 28, 2011

Pirsig reflects on trip to Columbus

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One of the top targets on Ohio State's recruiting board was on campus this Saturday in Blue Earth (Minn.) offensive tackle Jonah Pirsig. The 6-foot-9, 300-pound prospect wrapped up a four-day, five-school trip on Sunday that included four other schools from the Big Ten conference. Pirsig visited Iowa on Thursday, Michigan and Michigan State on Friday, Ohio State on Saturday, and finally Wisconsin on Sunday. The trip to Columbus was definitely a positive experience for one of the top prospects in the Midwest.

"It was great," explained Pirsig of his trip to Ohio State. "Getting to see all of their facilities was nice. A lot of the coaches were on their spring back and most of the players were just getting back but we made it work."

While on campus, Pirsig got his first up close look at the facilities and got to interact with a trio of Ohio State coaches, including head coach Jim Tressel.

"Dick Tressel kind of gave us a tour of the whole place," Pirsig explained. "Then we had a quick meeting with coach (John) Peterson and then the next meeting was Jim Tressel."

Overall, the interaction was very positive and the Ohio State staff's more laid back approach to recruiting seemed to go over well with the massive tackle.

"Coach Jim Tressel talked not as much about recruiting me but more just giving me advice on recruiting itself," Pirsig said. "He just shared some stuff from some of his experiences; it was a good a conversation. Then with Dick Tressel, not a whole lot on making me go there or anything, just letting me soak all of the information in that he gave us."

When it comes to Ohio State, the elephant in the room is of course the latest headlines regarding the suspension of head coach Jim Tressel and the impact that the entire situation may have on recruiting. According to Pirsig, the latest news on the subject has not had a negative effect on his view of Ohio State or Jim Tressel.

"Actually it's had a positive effect on me I guess," he explained. "From what I understand he was just sticking up to his players and looking out for them so that speaks for a lot. His players made some mistakes but coach Tressel was just trying to help them out I guess."

After visiting five schools in four days, Pirsig is just trying to digest all of the information he received from each respective coaching staff and no one visit really stood out over the others.

"They were all really nice visits," he said. "After one visit, you would have a great feeling about that school and then you would go on the next one you kind of forget about the other one and feel great about the next one."

While seeing some new schools and gathering more information definitely has its positives, it also has complicated the process a little bit more, according to Pirsig.

"It actually kind of made it tougher," he said. "Before this, I had only seen three schools so it was sort of easy to think about. Now that I've seen six schools it makes it a little bit tougher. It's kind of good and bad."

As far as naming any leaders is concerned, Pirsig is still just taking everything in stride and letting the information from all of the visits soak in.

"I have a little grid that my Mom made of all the schools that I can sort of enter notes whenever I want to," he said. "I'm just really talking about things with my family. We just have to get together and start making a list. I'm just taking it all in right now."

For now, Pirsig says he is probably done with visiting any new schools until at least the summer. He plans to possibly get out to some spring practices at some of the schools that he has already visited and also plans to camp at Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin over the summer.


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