Bring it back: Khalid El-Amin camp

He says that sometime when he walks into the North gym he gets goosebumps! The gym is a place filled with memories, hopes, dissapointments, and dreams...
Talk with anyone who loves Minnesota basketball and they will tell you that one of the greatest Minnesota players of all time was Khalid El-Amin. If he is a legend in Minnesota, he is a mythic character on the North side.
He is the little guy who left the city to win a national title at Uconn and then move on to the NBA. He has played overseas for years and has been an impact, and much loved player in Lithuania.
This makes him happy, but what really moves him is giving back to his community and working to help other kids follow their dreams as he followed his. That's tough on the North side, and across the Twin Cities. Just this week a five year old was killed by gunshots while he slept in his house.
Basketball has historically been one of the good things in the city. It was a source of pride and one of the few methods of upward mobility. Now even that possibility has been dimnished as more and more top city players have migrated to the suburbs.
El-Amin want to change things. He is using his reputation and hard work to do just that. He is running basketball camps in the city to encourage young players to give to their community as they thrive and have fun while doing so. He is combating dispair with hard work and the building of pride.
Michael J Much from MinnesotaPreps visited extensively with El-Amin following a camp held at North last week. Tune into their video visit and learn much more...