Buzzer Beater Part 2

The class AAAA game of the day was Henry Sibley versus Eastview and it didn't disappoint. It was expected to be physical which it was at times but the combatants did more work playing strong position defense finished off with a dramatic final minute.
The Henry Sibley versus Eastview contest was expected to be a slugfest but the officials were prepared whistling contact early and often. To nobody's surprise Sibley forward Mike Rostampour was on the bench quickly picking up two hacking violations and the officials had set their tone. Defense was being played at a high level so good field goals were hard to come by and with eight minutes to go the score was tied at nine.
Eastview junior Frank Veldman provided the crowd with the game's first real burst of energy when he caught an alley-oop with one hand and slammed. The dunk was completed while Veldman was being knocked towards the baseline and it was the first of three first half field goals for him. Not to be out done, Sibley athlete Jordan Jackson picked off a pass and went the other way for a two handed dunk a few minutes later bringing the large Sibley crowd to it's feet. With Rostampour on the bench and Jake Kreuser surrounded by a suffocating Eastview defense Jackson had to produce from the field early and he did with ten points. Sibley also received two first half three-pointers from senior Jimmy Ryan.
On the other end Joey King scored three times for Eastview including two face-up jumpers out of the post from mid-range. Facing an assortment of defenders that ranged from the seven foot Kreuser to the rough and rugged Rostampour and finally 6-foot-5 Jake Goldberg, Joey handled all of them well getting separation with ball skill and footwork. Kreuser and Rostampour each had a couple first half blocks on the Eastview backcourt so the Lighting needed scoring from Veldman and King to stay within one at the half (22-21).
In the second half Sibley received point production from the bigs with both Kreuser and Rostampour finishing regularly around the cup. Each only had one field goal in the first half but moved near double figures in the second session of play. The pair also made life hard on the Eastview backcourt as both Vinard Birch and Karl Otto were scoreless until six minutes remained in the game. This was a combo of the ball pressure from Jackson and Bobby Wills as well as the inside length of the bigs. Kreuser blocked five shots and the Sibley interior defense altered several more.
However, Eastview stayed even with Sibley on the scoring punch of Frank Veldman. The 6-foot-4 wing was able to put the ball on the deck time after time to produce. Frank cleared space with a quick pull-up, his vertical gave him a good look at the cup, and his release did the rest. Frank also took the ball to the rim a couple times to score including a huge three-point play that tied the game at 42.
Tied at 44 with about a minute left the big shots started coming. Jimmy Ryan made his third triple of the game giving Sibley the lead until Eastview ran a sharp play for Joey King cutting hard to the corner. Joey caught and hit so going the other way Sibley grabbed a time-out.
Coming out of the break Jackson couldn't find room to score but he did see junior Jake Goldberg who had attempted one three-pointer all season. On his second attempt of 2010 Jake sank a huge one from the far corner swishing home a triple that gave Sibley the 50-47 advantage. After a time-out Eastview didn't get a shot and Sibley moves on to play Hopkins in the second round tomorrow night.
Veldman scored a game high 17 points making seven of 13 looks. King chipped in 13 on five of six shooting and from there it was Birch's total of five points that was the third highest. Vinard also dished out six assists but he missed eight of his ten shot attempts.
For Sibley Jackson led with 16 points making six of 12 attempts plus Jordan grabbed six rebounds. Ryan and Kreuser each scored nine points plus Jake blocked five shots and grabbed nine rebounds. Rostampour only played 14 minutes but he totaled eight points with five rebounds. Goldberg had five points and five rebounds.
Sibley won the advantage on the glass 36-19.