Comets Invite All Tournament Team

Minnesota Preps is closing the books on this year's Minnesota Comets Invitational with the All Tournament squad featured. The event was two teams away from bringing all the Minnesota programs together for a fantastic event and the all-tournament team chosen was a big accomplishment. Several of the coaches talked about their players after the event.
Steve Tecker – Minnesota Pump N Run
"Steve Tecker is probably the most polished player on our team. He's the foundation of our team, a great offensive player and we could not have won this event without him" - Pump N Run coach Jerry Robertson
Carlos Emmory - Minnesota Pump N Run
"Carlos Emmory is a special player. Probably the most talented player in the state of Minnesota and he's probably one of the most talented players in the country. He does special things on the court" - Pump N Run coach Jerry Robertson
Clay Horne - 43 Hoops I
"Clay played real tough underneath the basket, he attacked the rim hard, and he played great defense on the perimeter as well as the post. Clay was just real fundamental this weekend and he took care of the basketball" - 43 Hoops coach Al Harris
Vinard Birch - 43 Hoops I
"As far as I'm concerned Vinard is one of the explosive guards out here at this tournament. He was a real catalyst for our team, Vinard is one of our better leaders. He took care of the basketball, he played 94 feet, and Vinard is just a great kid to coach" - 43 Hoops coach Al Harris
Taylor Filipek – Minnesota Comets
"Taylor finished real well this weekend. He came out in this game against the Pump N Run and got us going, got a us a lead. In hindsight I should have never taken him out." - Minnesota Comets coach Josh Hanson
Kevin Noreen – Minnesota Pump N Run
"Kevin is probably one of the smartest players on the team. At 6-foot-9 he can play the one position all the way through the five. He's certainly an integral part of our team" - Pump N Run coach Jerry Robertson
Dyami Starks – Minnesota Pump N Run
"Dyami is one of the two leaders on our team. He's certainly been a leader all year. Dyami hit some big shots for us this weekend and he will continue to play big for us the rest of the year." - Pump N Run coach Jerry Robertson
Jordan Reetz - 43 Hoops I
"Jordan is a kid out of Wisconsin, a 6-foot-6 kid. He played real good for us down low and he shot the basketball real well for us this weekend. Jordan is a real fundamentally sound kid." - 43 Hoops coach Al Harris
Dajon Newell - Minnesota Fury
"There were two guys that really stepped up for his this weekend. Dajon Newell did a great job playing the point pushing the ball up the court every time. He gets our guys some really good looks. Yuriy Maleshenko really opened a lot of people's eyes this weekend. He's a very athletic kid who does a great job on the boards and really defended well." - Fury coach Ben Davis
Jordan Riewer - Minnesota Comets
"Jordan moved the basketball real well swinging from side to side. I feel like I can put him out there with any line-up and he will lead by example. He comes from a great program at Staples-Motley" - Comets coach Josh Hanson
Dominique Dawson - 43 Hoops II
Jasper Duberry - TNL Express
Yuriy Malashenko - MN Fury
Mike Jensen - MN Comets II
Nick Quicksell - Minnesota Heat