DeLaSalle 50 - Austin 33 as the Islanders take home another championship

The DeLaSalle Islanders 50, the Austin Packers 33, as DeLaSalle won the Class AAA State championship one more time.
There were 17 points and 12 rebounds for Reid Travis, followed by 10 and 2 for Luke Scott. DeLaSalle broke away from their practice of winning their games by 80 points and sellled for 50, by building a lead quickly, and carefully protecting it. Late in the game they forced Austin to come and take the ball from them as they worked it around the court. After some time, Austin did attack the ball more aggressively, but they committed numerous fouls, allowing the Islander to build their lead as they made their free throws.
Tom Aase scored 14, with 6 rebounds, but faced tremendous pressure under the basket. DeLaSalle denied him the ball much of the game. James Lawson, scored only 2 for the Islanders, but he was key in their victory. He played tenacious defence all night long.
The teams were nearly even in field goal percentages, with DeLaSalle at 17-45 for 37.8%, and Austin 14-38 for 36.8%. Rebounds was another matter, with 36 for the Islanders and 22 for the Packers. There were 15 turnovers for the Packers, compared to 10 for DeLaSalle.
DeLasalle came to the tournament championship game with a single loss, which was to a top team from out of State. Ausin brought a perfect record. They also brought nearly the entire town of Austin to cheer on their hometown heros.
The final game of the season will take place at 8:00 PM, between Apple Valley and Park Center for the Class AAAA championship.