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Early Season Top Ten Seniors

Here are my early season Top Ten. These are players that I've seen early and looked good. Check them out and let me know what you think.
They are not in any particular order at this point. I do especially like what I've seen from Graham Woodward and Quinton Hooker. I've been following them for some tine and they are consistently strong.
Shaeffer was out against Washburn last week with a bad ankle and Anderson struggled. Both have intensity and will be crucial for their individual teams success.
Becken is on a surprisingly tough Centennial squad. They lost to Hopkins last week at the Tip-Off Classic and they may go far.
Eisenschenk and been a warrior for a long time on his Rocorri team. It will be interesting to see how he does this coming season. He is strong and intense.
Broman is a scoring machine and he looked good playing for Pulley this summer. He plays for little Lakeville Christian and he proved himself with the bigs boys when he came to the cities to play this summer.
Dearring has been getting attention from a very young age. He played well this past summer and it will be interesting to see how he fits with Minnetonka this season.
Lynch is a blocking machine. Last week Edina lost to Waconia on the road. They were in foul trouble early and had to play lots of younger players.
Anderson did not play up to his ability in Washburns opener against Eden Prairie. This upset him and he has a chip on his shoulder over the poor start. He should come back with a vengence.
Oberfeld is a very strong big man and it will be fun to see him continue to develop. He will be a big factor in his schools success this season.
Hooker finally starting getting the attention he deserved last year. He has been in Jones shadow as a guard but his many of the same skills. He leads, sees the floor and can distribute the ball.
Nick Anderson - Washburn,
Anders Broman - Lakeview Christian Academy,
Riley Dearring - Minnetonka,
Jonah Eisenschenk - Rocori,
Quinton Hooker - Park Center
Graham Woodward - Edina
Reggie Lynch - Edina,
Ben Oberfeld - Eastview,
Grant Shaeffer - Eden Prairie,
Daniel Becken - Centennial
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