Eastview vs Apple Valley - under the basket

It's always good to see a basketball game from a different perspective. Check out this "under the basket" video from MinnesotaPreps and see the action from a unique angle.
Unusually hot weather and a 2500 plus crowd heated up an normally cool Minnesota gym, when Eastview High battled Apple Valley High for their section championship last week in Burnsville Minnesota.
One official noted that if the game went into overtime that it might just rain in the facility. That's just how hot and muggy it was. The game didn't go into OT, and it didn't rain, but the combination of high humidity and sweaty players hitting the floor resulted in a wet and very slippery playing surface.
At times it looked like the kids were skating out there. Check out the view from down low under the basket and see the slipping and sliding, and just plain banging, up close and person, "under the basket!"