Field report video: Renard Suggs

Woodbury High School, and Howard Pulley Panthers combo guard Renard Suggs has been traveling the country playing ball at the highest level of competition and here is his report from the field...
"Well this summer has been the biggest year for me it been really crazy and I've been travleing all over the country from LA to Dallas and all sorts of places... the recruting has been going really good colleges from Memphis, South Dakota State, Idiana State, and just today got a call from Southern Illinois."
"But yeah every day I've been in the gym just working hard in getting my self ready for the peach jam... every day i wake up around 8am and just shoot and then around 2 or 3 go shoot some more, but yeah this has been a great year for me in still trying to rise my stock on the circut. Basketball is eveerything for me and can't wait for the peach jam next week !"