Hanging around the Stillwater weight room

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I expect we have seen more school weight rooms than anyone else in Minnesota. Each season for the last 10 years or so we have visited teams during training. You can tell a lot about a team by seeing them prepare for competition. That means seeing lots of weight rooms and training. Recently we stopped by Stillwater High School and saw their football team working out. It was a special day, with competition is a number of events. There were stations set up all around their huge campus complex.
Stillwater has room to move around in! And, their facilities are very nice. We started our tour in the weight room where some testing was taking place. Our story lead was "hanging around in the Stillwater weight room," while we hung around, everyone else hung! Hung and did pull ups! I think the winner of the round we recorded put up 27. It felt like we were watching the Cross fit games. when we left the weight room for the sled pull, and one legged stair climbs, we knew we were in for an interesting visit.
This week on MinnesotaPreps we will be visiting with Stillwater Head Coach Beau LaBore and several players, and we will have more video in store as well. Stop back and learn more about this excellent football program.