Hopkins Peaking: A visit with Jake Wright

Jake Wright is a key member of the Hopkins Royals. He plays summer ball for the Howard Pulley program across the country. All that experience is key in helping the Hopkins Royals finish the season strong.
Hopkins defeated Minnetonka last night in Osseo Minnesota and will advance to Section final again Lake Conference rival Edina this coming Tuesday.
Wright visted with Michael J Much today about the win over Tonka, the past season, the upcoming game and much more...
MJM: Jake, tell me about the game last night. You had a couple
of losses to Tonka earlier in the season, what was different
this time?
JW: This game had an entirely different feel to it. We really
went into the game with the mindset of we can't lose. Although
we did not hit a lot of shots, we got to loose balls, and
executed our offense down the stretch. We played with a will to
win that we haven't played with really all year. Everyone
played unselfishly.
MJM: It sounds like you guys have really jelled as a team. Are
you playing the best ball of the season? Are you peaking for
JW: Yeah we are, and usually that's what happens. Teams usually
play their best in march. I would say we have improved a ton
since December. We are having a lot of fun out there as well.
That's always good.
MJM: Tell me how Coach Novak motivates the team. Is he a
special coach?
JW: Absolutely. He's great. His knowledge of the game is
incredible. He has a good relationship with each and every
player, and that makes it easier to listen to him.
MJM: You face Edina for the section title. You lost to them by
3 the last time out. They are coming of their first conference
win in two decades. Do you have their number coming into this
JW: I wouldn't say we have their number. They are a good team.
Woodward and lynch are tough. However I feel like we are very
capable of beating them if we do what we need to do.
MJM: Hopkins has always had rabid fans. How much impact to they
have on your when you are on the floor. Are they a factor in
the game?
JW: We love our fans. They are great. They give us energy and
motivation on and off the court. They've stuck with us through
thick and thin, and we appreciate that.
MJM: Give me an update on your college plans.
The same schools for the most part. I've been invited to a
bunch of prospect camps and am looking forward to those in
June. My focus right now is on Tuesday's game.
MJM: Thanks for visiting. I'm looking forward to a thriller
this coming Tuesday.
JW: No problem! Always a pleasure