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Hounds over GR 73-54

After a season opening loss to Eastview the Greyhounds of Duluth East bounced back picking up an important victory over Grand Rapids. The Hounds had lost five straight to the Thunderhawks but balance and an all around effort from junior Johnny Woodard put them back in the winning column.
"For the second game of the season, I felt we played fairly well," said Chuck Tolo, coach of Duluth East. "Johnny Woodard went over a thousand points early in the game. I felt that we played a good defensive game as we made Grand Rapids work hard for their points. It seemed that when we had open looks we buried them, especially in the first half.
"Our bench did a great job. We played 11 guys. We didn't miss a beat when we substituted. Danny Moe, Mat Lochner, Kolton Sundland, and Dusty Royseth played especially well off the bench.
"Johnny Woodard led our defensive effort and still was able to score 21. We hadn't beaten Grand Rapids for a while so it was a good win for us."