Making new friends - St. Paul meets Wayzata in the Dome

This past weekend was the perfect time for some Dome football! The LoPesio clan made that happen when they organized some Saturday seven on seven at the 10Dome in Long Lake.
A bunch of young Wayzata players coached my Dino LoPesio welcomed a traveling crew from Jimmy Lee Recreation Center in St. Paul over for football, pizza and fun. Leo Jackson and Brian White had just purchased a bus to help their new Jimmy Lee travel team - travel in style. A trip from St. Paul to Wayzata was a wonderful way to break in the new bus.
Dino LoPesio and the Wayzata players were also thinking of getting out and playing more teams, and getting some off-season travel football experience.
The get-together at the 10Dome was a perfect way to both teams to make some new friends and play some travel ball. The event was officiated by high school and college players with connections to both programs. Trainer CJ Borum was also on hand to warm up the kids and add his skills and support to the event.
Much & Much from MinnesotaPreps stopped over to shoot stills and video, and get some of that delicious post game pizza as well. Thanks to everyone involved for the event invite and a fun afternoon of football in the middle of a nasty Minnesota winter. Special thanks to Dino LoPesio and family for putting together another in a series of winter football events for young Minnesota players.