Minnesotas top scorers of all time: Anders Broman

Anders Broman hit the 4,122 point mark last week and took the Minnesota record for points scored from Kevin Noreen whose record was 4,086. He joined Michael J Much from MinnesotaPreps to talk about his accomplishment:
MJM: Anders, you broke the Minnesota State scoring record this past week. Please
describe the setting?
AB: It was a full gym and a great atmosphere it was alot of fun.
MJM: Were you aware of the fact that you would break the record when you entered the
AB: I knew it before the game because all i needed was 7 points but I just didnt know
when in the game it would happen.
MJM: When did you start playing basketball and when did you learn you had a gift for
AB: I started on a team in kindergarden or 1st grade and I really started developing
my shot around the 8th grade.
MJM:You travelled this past year nationally with the Howard Pulley program. How was it
playing against top players across the country?
AB: It was a great experience to play against the best players in the country. It
really helped me improve.
Playing against the best players in the country can only help you and I had to really
focus on certain things and work on my defense
MJM: What was the impact of breaking the record on your family, friends and
classmates? Have you been doing a lot of interviews?
AB: Yes I have had quite a few interviews. My family and I are just very grateful for
this opportunity and everyone is too.
MJM:You have committed to play ball for South Dakota State, have they been following
your recent games? Did they contact you about breaking the record. What helped you
decide to play your college ball there?
AB: Yes they follow me closely during my season. and I talked to the head coach and
assistant coach after I broke the record. I just really liked the program there the
coachs are great and everyone comes out and suports the team.
MJM:You attend a small private school, what has been the impact on your school as a
result of your career and the attention you have brought to their program?
AB: I think it has really helped the school. The school has helped me in many ways
and I just want to help them in any way possible.
MJM:What is your practice routine? What do you do to work for an open shot and how
much is that a part of helping break this record?
AB: I make around 500 shots a day I lift a couple times a week as well. I have great
teammates to set picks for me and to find me when I am open but sometimes it does get
tough when they are double and triple teaming me.
MJM:Can you shoot from anywhere on the floor or do you have special shots?
AB: I like certain spots but I really try to be able to shoot from anywhere because it
makes me much harder to guard.
MJM: Do you have up and down shooting days or are your pretty steady in your shot
AB: Yes I have my on/off days but thats just part of basketball I just always try to
think that my next shot is going in.
MJM: Do you come from a basketball family?
What has your family done to help support your basketball career?
AB: Actually my dad was an Olympic Ski jumper so he never played basketball but they
help me all the time my dad is always helping me in my workouts I could not become the
player I am today with out my family.