MyRecruitEZ: doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Minnesota MyRecruitEZ has been promoting Minnesota Players as an offical organization since 2004 and for several years before that less formally. The are true poineers in providing college coaches with information and video on talented basketball and football players. Their volunteer effort get kids scholarships.
Minnesota MyRecruitEZ talked with Michael J Much from MinnesotaPreps about the origins of the their organization.
"We started MyRecruitEZ officially in 2004 but toyed with the idea in the early nineties with athletes like Javier Collins( St. Thomas Academy, Northwestern, NFL Dallas Cowboys) Matthew Lee (St. Thomas Academy, Bradley Mens Basketball) Sean Benton (Cretin Derham Hall, Missouri Tigers) Carl McCullough (Cretin Derham Hall, Wisconsin, NFL Vikings).
We didn't think these kids were getting the exposure necessary to fulfill the dreams of being the best they could be so we made videos, contacted coaches, and built a nice credible reputation. We took a hiatus from it before tackling it in 2004.
In 2004 There was a gap between kids in the city conference getting scholarships compared to elsewhere in the state. It was abysmal."
MyRecruitEZ decided to do something about the situation. They have an organization that's been built from a community of caring individuals, working on a voluntary basis, to make kids dreams of playing college basketball and football a reality.
There group is quite large at this point and you will find them on the sidelines of games all year round.
"Right now we have staff of 8 video techs, 2 web techs, four division one former basketball players as evaluators, and six division one former football players as evaluators.
Not including our directors of football, Broderick and Marcus Binns. They are the main glue of Our director of basketball is the uncompromising Larry Suggs of T-Sizzle. His basketball knowledge is invaluable.
Its what coaches like Izzo, Manning and others seek out when we put a profile out on a player! Those three are amazing! We get out and try to video tape 4 games per week in football and basketball. They all work right now for the love of the game.
Everything we do is volunteer. When we tell the coaches that, they are in disbelief! That's why they keep coming! They know we are putting out the best product for the love and not the money! We love when parents and kids come up and thank us for helping their kid change his or her life.
We can't forget Andy Bischoff. He will always be a part of what we do even though he had to move on due to being in the pros with the Chicago Bears coaching staff! You know his record with getting kids to division one schools. Its amazing! The good thing is he is always willing to help us help kids from Minnesota no matter where they reside!"
The group travels and covers many major and minor events, shooting hours and hours of film to provide to College Coaches, and to post for free for the players.
"We shoot basketball year round! Larry Suggs, Carlos Miles, and Andre Binns go to the EYBLS, Adidas Nation, and other top tournaments around the country to shoot the best players in the country. We do it so much we have built up a great relationship with the top camps and combines in the country such as John Lucas, Pangos, Adidas Phenom, Five Star and others.
In football its all about the FBU and the All Army All American combines! We are one of the few organizations that can refer kids to these prestigious events so they can be further evaluated playing against the best in the country! Its an honor!"
MyRecruitEZ will be holding their own exposure event in March. The fees collected pay for the venue, officials and operating cost. Here are the details:
"The event coming up is the Ballers Swag Elite Exposure Showcase in St. Louis Park at St. Louis Park HS on March 30, 2013.
Its kind of a one last shot deal for unsigned seniors. They will get a chance to show their stuff against elite players like Rashad Vaughn, Tyus Jones, Jarvis Johnson, Jordan Dembley, Delshon Strickland and others!
They will get a chance to play from 9 am to 2:30 pm and every game will be filmed and put into a profile for players and coaches to view. Coaches were invited, so you know they will come."
And, here is detail about the format of the event and registration:
"The format will be a dynamic warm up from 9-10 then go right into the games! The idea is to catch players in game situations for the coaches.
If there are any questions we can be contacted at Players can also register at the site. Space is limited and we are only inviting 60 players. So far half those spaces are already gone. Register right away!"
MinnesotaPreps is proud to support the efforts of MyRecruitEZ and recommends their upcoming event. Pass the word and help support the efforts of these dedicatated volunteers. The next time you see them shooting on the sidelines, stop by and thank them for their efforts.