Never say die: James Onwualu

James Onawalu from Much & Much on Vimeo.
James Onwualu gave it his all last week in Cretin-Derham Hall's loss to Mounds View. Onwualu has committed to Notre Dame, but that's for after High School. Right now he is doing all he can to help his team win the Minnesota State Championship.
One can see from the opening clip in these highlights that Onwualu (#10) is pumped and ready to play! When he wasn't on the field played offence or defense, he was on the sidelines exhorting his teammates to play harder.
Check these highlights of him in action and know that he will be back for a victory interview. He spoke his feelings clearly after the game:
"I hate losing. We had a good week of preparation but when it came down to it we didn't execute. The blame doesn't go on just one person it's on the whole team. Its in the past now, and we are working everyday to get ourselves that ring."