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North Side Summer Day

I got a note from a player at North today asking if I could stop by for an afternoon practice. It seemed like a nice idea, so I did. And, what a perfect day it was for some football. The North players worked on some formations and ran some routes and then played some seven on seven.
The main football field was being used so the kids practiced in a large clover filled space next to the High School. The North side is perfect for just this kind of game. The streets are tree lined like the old Minneapolis before the Elm scourge.
Neighbors were on porches visiting and kids were walking and riding their bikes past the school. It was funny how many of those passing shouted out something to the players. The players were laughing and having fun. The scene brought back memories of the kids in my neighborhood enjoying perfect summers days playing in the park.
There is a reason North is called the North Community, I saw what community was all about on my visit today and it was good.