Park Center is back! 73-71 over Osseo

Park Center is back! They defeated Osseo 73-71 this evening in Rogers, Minnesota. With just 3 loses this season they advance to the Minnestoa State basketball tournament.
They came into the game facing an Osseo squad with just 3 losses as well. One of those was to Park Center way back on December 18th.
Osseo and Brooklyn Park are neighboring schools in the tough Northwest Suburban Conference. Osseo has been a top performer in the conference for the last few years, while Park Center has been down from about 10 years ago, when they were the local team to defeat.
Osseo came into the game with size and power with big man Ian Theisen and football star Bridge Tusler playing for Osseo. Theisen put up 16 points and 14 rebounds for the evening. Tusler added 21.
Park Center was led by Quinton Hooker with 27 points. 27 is Hooker's average, so he was right on track for this win. Devin Buckley, Isaiah McKay, Treyton Daniels, and Anone Farrar all average double digits for PC.
It was another great night of basketball on the North side of the Cities.