Rapid Fire with Ater Manyang

One of the most naturally gifted 2012 Minnesota prospects is Rochester Century wing Ater Manyang. The 6-foot-5 Manyang has the physique of a defensive end, but he blocks perimeter jump shots like his name is Rodney Williams. Ater is also one of the state's best rebounders, and his perimeter game improves with each day.
Last night Minnesota Preps caught up with Ater for a rapid fire interview.
Preps: How is your season going with Net Gain? What do you hope to accomplish the rest of the year?
Ater: The season is going well. We always come up short (of winning tournament championships), but we just need more practice. One thing I would want to accomplish is to get all my basic (skills) down.
Preps: What schools are currently showing the most interest in you?
Ater: Denver University, DePaul, Creighton and North Dakota are some of the schools looking at me. There are more.
Preps: What part or parts of your game are you looking to improve as you enter your senior season?
Ater: The basics... because some players forget how important they are. Things like ball handling.