Ready for High School ball: Nick Neumann

6'0, 220 lb Nick Neumann is in the eight grade and attends St. Josephs in West St. Paul Minnesota. Football is a huge part of this big man's life and he is more than ready to move up to the next level.
Nick dominates the line at his grade level.
" On my school team, most of the time I am one of the biggest kids on the field." he noted as he took some time out from a recent practice with his Dad.
He has had a chance to meet competition his own size with his FBU (Football University) travel squad. He has been able to play outside Minnesota and test himself against stronger competition than is available locally. He talked about this travel team and their experience playing in a Des Moines Iowa tournament.
"we had a good team with lots of talented players. In the first round, we played a Nebraska team and won, but we lost our second game to a team from Iowa. These games were played in Des Moines. We have
played in other tournaments as well. We won first place when we travelled to Omaha, Nebraska.
Nick has played for a couple of travel football teams.
"The FBU Minnesota team was at the 8th grade level. In some of the tournaments we played as the Minnesota Titans. But in the FBU tournament we were officially called the "Minnesota" team."
He plays other sports, but football has the top spot on his favorite list.
"football is by far my favorite sport. I think about it even when I am playing other sports. I think about playing at the highest level that I can. I dream of playing in South Bend for the Irish someday."
Nick will most likely attend High School at one of Minnesota's private Catholic schools. His family is involved in the application process at this time.
Size matters in football, and with his size and his love of the game, good things are likely to happen for this talented young player.
Now tune in and watch Nick run some routes, and practice some hikes with his Dad, at the West St. Paul dome.