Reid Travis gets first offer

Minnesota's class of 2014 has consistently been talked about as one of the banner groups for Minnesota basketball. Yesterday DeLaSalle forward Reid Travis became the third member of the group to receive a college scholarship offer when the Creighton Bluejays called him and extended. Last week Travis and the Minnesota Pump N Run 15s made national headlines with a runner-up performance at the Adidas Super 64.
"It was a great experience," said Travis of playing in the Super 64. "Seeing all those teams and players that you see online on and out (in Vegas) you got to see them in person. It was just a great experience for me to see those teams at a high level of basketball and it just makes me want to step it up and play even harder.
"Then you see all those coaches of course and it makes you want to go even harder. I think that was motivational for our team as we saw everything and we wanted to be in the big games with those other teams. I think being down there and seeing all of that good talent helped us out a lot."
Travis is the headliner but the Pump N Run has several players who stepped up game by game. Point guard Jordan Dembley continues to draw rave reviews and the trio of 2015 talent (Jarvis Johnson, Harry Ellenson, and Marshawn Wilson) seems to have everybody talking. A group effort is what it took to bring home second place.
"I think staying focused and continuing to feed the hot hand fed into the unselfishness that we had going on because if we had a mismatch wherever we would exploit that the whole game," Reid said. "That is what helped us because our team is so versatile that at least one guy on our team is definitely going to be better than the player that is guarding him and we would just feed that player. And with all the teams that we were playing being so high profile we had to do be unselfish to win.
"It was okay if some of us only had a few points and another had a bunch as long as we won the game. Also, with the amount of talent we have that was really another big factor in us getting to the championship."
Playing games on the big stage in Indianapolis, Bloomington, Los Angeles, and of course Las Vegas in the month of July and of course standing out against some of the nation's best players led to Reid picking up his first offer.
"The offer from Creighton came Tuesday morning from Coach Darian DeVries," Travis stated. "It was a pretty good feeling to receive that first offer. I didn't think I would receive an offer this summer. I told Coach Jeremy Miller that it was totally unexpected."
While the Creighton staff was the first to offer several teams have also given Reid considerable attention.
"The teams showing interest are North Dakota State, Florida State, DePaul, Michigan State, of course Harvard where my brother is (Jonah Travis), Stanford, and there are a some others who have also shown interest," Reid explained.
Jeremy Miller said that Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Penn State, Washington State, Northwestern, Colorado State, and Tennessee have also shown interest in Reid.
Travis has now fully burst onto the recruiting scene and this offer is likely the first of several others that will come in the next couple seasons.