Rhodes bounces back from dog attack

Kierre Rhodes was ready for a great Senior season when a freak dog attack sidelined him. He recovered more quickly than expected.
Rhodes talks about the injury and his recovery process.
"The injury happened in mid August, I broke my leg running from wild dog. My treatment consisted of light exercises till got back to 100%."
It took Rhodes under five months to get back up to speed.
"During rehab, I did mostly balance and core work outs till I could run. The process took less than 5 months, doctors said I healed faster then they expected."
He is able to train at full intensity and has his College plans for the coming season in place.
"Currently , I'm 5'9 and 175 and bench 265. I don't have a max squat as of now. I'm attending mesa JC in Arizona. I'm going to play corner back in college and be a factor on special teams in the return game.
It good to see this talented athlete recover from his very unexpected injury and move on to play College ball. Rhodes hopes to do well at the JUCO level and then move up to a four year college.