Ross Travis Highlights with QA

Chaska Minnesota's Ross Travis is working every day to improve his game. He's 6'7" and 205 pounds and plays bball all year round. He is getting several D1 looks but is keeping his options open.
MJM: Ross, You guys have had some tough physical games this year, Haven't you. Do you think the officials are letting you guys play more?
RT: I think that they are letting us play a little more. This year we have two referees' instead of three like last year.
MJM: What have you been working on to improve your game?
RT: I've been working out here at home and in the gym just trying to get bigger. The bigger you are the better you are going to be when you step on the floor. I'm just trying to get my weight up.
also, I'm working on my jump shot. I think I have improved that a lot since last year. My ball handling skills to so I can play position one through five.
MJM: Where are you for height and weight now?
RT: I'm 6'7" and 205.
MJM: What spot do you think that you'll be playing in college?
RT: I'd say small forward.
MJM: It's amazing how big everyone is getting. Tell me a little about your recruiting situation.
RT: I have not narrowed anything down yet. I'm just being patient and keep my options open. I've looked at Wisconsin, UNI, Santa Clare and Minnesota of Course.
MJM: What about a school attracts your attention as a player?
RT: Obviously you need a good relationship with the coach and the players. If you don't get along with them things will be just terrible. You've got to have a good relationship with the players and coach.
I like more of a fast paced up tempo school that's going to push the ball up and down the floor.
MJM: You played for 43Hoop during the summer. Tell me a little about your travels.
RT: We played a few tournaments here in Minnesota. We played in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Indiana, Milwaukee and Chicago... kind of all over the place. We played against the nation's top teams and overall we did really good.
MJM: How are things going with academics. That's a key factor in the recruitment process.
RT: I'm doing good.
MJM: Thanks for visiting and getting us up to date.
RT: Thanks