Summer report: Adam Buirge - Park Center

Adam Buirge from Park Center High School has the physical attributes and speed to play at the next level. Following a school transfer he changed position and he is adapting to the change very well. His performance over the next two seasons will give him the chance to demonstrate his skills on the field. Buirge will graduate in 2015.
He spoke with Michael J Much about his experience this summer during a visit to the University of Minnesota. His detailed notes are included here:
I attended the Gopher Camp and I performed very well. I recorded great numbers and the coaches were very impressed.

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The DB coach (Coach Sawvel) Told me I was one of the best DBs he saw all Summer at all the camps. Coach Kill said "you've made it hard for me to keep my eyes off you".. After the camp Coach Sawvel gave my father his number and said if you ever want to go to a practice or a game, to just call Coach Sawvel or a recruiting coordinator and that they would take care of it.
That was the first meeting. We set up a day we would go to a practice. When I pulled in the parking lot they had a golf cart waiting to escort my Dad, my Coach, and myself to practice. They had me sit through position meetings and drove us around campus before practice started. The entire staff treated me like family...
We watched the DBs work through drills and one on ones, and honestly, the only difference I saw between my skills and theirs were 2 more years of maturity. By the end of high school I see myself Physically set for That level of football.
Coach Sawvel said he will try and get out to two or three games this season depending on his availability. I was told I put myself in a great position and they have their eyes on me. Now all I have to do is make plays."
Football season is here and Bruige participated in his teams first practice today.
"Had the teams first full pad practice today.. Felt good, felt fast. I'm ready!", he noted in a follow up visit with Preps.
MinnesotaPreps will continue to track Buirge as the 2013-14 Minnesota football season begins.