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Timeline Diary of Jonah Travis

Six-foot-5 DeLaSalle small forward Jonah Travis is one of the top five players and one of the top five prospects in the state of Minnesota for the 2011 class. Travis played center for DeLaSalle last year averaging ten points a game for coach Dave Thorson as a sophomore. In the spring and summer Jonah plays his natural position of small forward for the Minnesota Pump N Run and has helped lead the team to 16 and Under tournament championships at the Pump N Run Spring Classic and the Jayhawk Invitational. The Pump 16s were also crowned the 17 and Under state champions in the state of Minnesota after winning all six games played in back to back weekends.
Travis recently joined several Pump N Run teammates on a college tour. The travels of Travis took him through the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Colorado as Jonah worked out, camped and/or unofficially visited several schools. While on the road Jonah kept a timeline diary of his trip for the fans of Minnesota Preps and Rivals.com.
Thursday, June 18th
9:45- Leave from home towards Madison, Wisconsin with my dad and two brothers.
12:45- Stop at random gas station 77 miles outside of Madison.
2:45- Arrive at the Kohl Center. It looks like a small pro team arena. I met Coach Greg Gard for a tour around and inside the arena. First we visited the trainer's facility and then we went on the court to check that out while the girl campers were playing horse. From there it was on to the academic center where the players study. I had a great conversation with Mary, the academic mentor counselor, about how they help all the individual players with the academic problems and questions that they might have. I also got a chance to meet Wquinton Smith while he was studying.
Next we visited the weight room where I have a long and detailed conversation about lifting and nutrition with coach Scott the strength and conditioning coach. Next we walked towards the locker room and I'm introduced to Ryan Evans, an incoming freshmen from Phoenix. Jon Leuer came out of the locker room and talked to us for a bit. Then everyone who came out the locker room made me feel like a weak little kid. First it was Jared Berggren, then Ian Markolf, and then Mike Bruesewitz. I had to look up at all of them.
I felt a little taller when Jordan Taylor walked out but after seeing his arms it made me feel just as small as before. In the locker room we saw the player's lockers that are filled with shoes, the area where all the nutritional substances are kept and we watched a 20-minute highlight film of the past couple years. From there we took the elevator up to the coaches offices. Next our group hopped into the car and take a great tour of the campus where we also got a chance to walk onto the football field at Camp Randall Stadium. After that the coach droped us off at our car.
6:15- We get back on the road, heading towards Loyola-Chicago.
9:45- Arrived at the dorm at Loyola. Get checked in and get my dad into his hotel, and then grab something to eat.
11:30- Lights out.
Friday June 19th
7:15- Wake up and get ready for the day.
8:15- Walk to cafeteria.
8:40- Walk to gym. Our group from Pump N Run walked in at the same time Peter Crawford does which makes six Minnesota kids at the camp. Before the camp starts we stretch, talk to the coaches, and I have a great conversation with one of the players who had played his high school ball at Patrick Henry. Great guy. The player Jonah is referring to is Ross Forman
9:00- Camp starts. We start with stretches then we move on to stations. They put me in the same group as Peter and Alec Brown. From there we ran five on five, took a breather, and then were split up into groups by position. I, Alex Richter, and Peter are all put in one group. Richter had some nice drives and Peter made some great shots. We were paired up to play 2 on 2. Coach Kevin Mondro must of forgot that me and Richter play on the same team cause we were put together. The game was winner stays with four group and Alex and I stayed on the court for about five or six games in a row.
12:30- The camp all goes to lunch and then walked to another building to watch an NCAA recruiting video.
1:30- We stretch then go back to running five on five. He first game of the afternoon I'm matched up with the number one guy from Wisconsin (Quevyn Winters I believe). I played him last year in an NY2LA tourney in Milwaukee. I didn't realize how good his jumper was. If I was even a split second late he would light me up. For a while it was him shooting the jay one way and then me driving. This went on for a while. Next game I'm put against one of the Loyola players. I get a couple hard fought points on him but nothing came easy. I liked how enthusiastic the coaching staff was in every game and in every drill we did. Especially coach Kevin he was a fun guy to talk to.
4:00- We leave camp and head towards Moody Bible College. The Northern Illinois team camp is held at Moody
5:45- We play our first game against Simeon High School where Derrick Rose is from. They were all tall and athletic. We played hard the entire game starting in man and then going to a 2-3 zone, which gave them several opportunities for backdoor lobs. They completed the lobs less then half the time because Erik Robertson on the weak side would just grab it in the air and throw it back down before they could get a hand close to it. But when they did complete it, it went down hard. We were up for most of the time but we couldn't hold on and we ended up losing by three points. After the game I got a chance to talk to Ricardo Patton, the head coach at Northern Illinois. We talked for a bit and he then gave me a scholarship offer. Once I got done I called Coach Thorson and Coach Jeremy Miller and told them about the good news. From there it was time for another game.
8:15- That next game started slow and ended slow. We lost and you could tell during the game, and after, that we all were way too tired to compete at our highest level. Aaron Anderson did a great job holding off the quick guards all game.
9:30- As we were waiting for our next game the assistant coach from NIU came out and said we were not playing our next game. He saw how tired we all were in the last game.
10:30- Check in the Essex Inn, grab some Subway, and ice my knees and ankles.
12:00- Lights out.
Saturday June 20th
8:30- Wake up walk around and wait for my dad to get back from Dunkin Donuts.
11:00- First game of the day (at NIU team camp). Kevin Noreen plays this game so now we at least have one sub besides my little brother who we suited up for lay-up lines. Kevin really helps us as he ended up with most of the points. We won by almost 30. I played like crap, I did almost nothing.
12:20- Our first game of bracket play starts. We started slow and because of the 20 minute game time we are not able to make our way back. At the free throw line we couldn't make anything. It doesn't help in this tournament that you only shoot one free throw and its worth two points. We end up losing and we were really out of gas.
3:45- Back on the road towards UW-Milwaukee.
6:00- Arrive at hotel in Milwaukee, eat, then go see Wolverine at the $2 theater.
12:00- Lights out.
Sunday June 21st
8:30- Wake up and have complimentary breakfast.
9:45- Meet with Coach Brian Bidlingmyer to take tour of UW-Milwaukee. The practice courts looked great, the neighborhood was quiet, and it seemed like every where I looked there was a computer lab for someone to study. I was impressed with their dorms, which had a movie theater and bowling alley in the basement. Everything that someone could need was right within a short walking distance. Coach showed great hospitality towards my family and I. You could tell how enthusiastic he is about their basketball program.
12:15- Grab something to eat at Wendy's and go back on the road.
3:00- Get to the hotel, go swimming for a little bit, then go eat at Coach Miller's little brother's restaurant. The food there was great.
11:00- Lights out.
June 22nd.
8:30- Wake up, have breakfast, and head towards University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.
9:30- Arrive at UWGB and meet up with Coach K (Tod Kowalczyk). Alex Richter was also there. We sat in the coaches office and talked about academics and basketball. I could tell how focused he was on helping his players reach their full academic potential. We walked around the Kress Center where all the athletic facilities are. The UWGB practice court was real nice.
12:00- Richter and I grab something to eat then go back for a tour of the campus. It was cool to see that all of the campus was connected underground. That must get real useful during the cold Midwest winters. I thought it was pretty cool to find out that all the players sleep in apartments that they rent together.
1:30- We end the tour then go the arena where they play which is right across from Lambeau field. We get to peek inside for a bit but are quickly pushed out because of the WWE event going on featuring Donald Trump.
2:15- Hit the road.
7:20- Drop my brother off at basketball practice then arrive at home.
Jonah also went to Colorado for visits, camps, and/or skill work at Colorado State, Colorado, Denver, and Northern Colorado. Check back with Minnesota Preps for an update on that trip.