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Tip-Off Classic player notes

College programs sent out numerous coaches this weekend to check out talent at the Breakdown Tip-Off Classic. Facing tough competition most players stepped up their performances and the games were so well played that three of them went to OT, two more were decided with buzzer beaters, and three more were close from start to finish.
Division one schools present included representatives from Northern Iowa, North Dakota State, Cal Poly, North Dakota, Bucknell, and others. Division two coaches in the building included reps from UM-Crookston, Northern State, MSU-Mankato, and others. Below are quick thoughts on several players at the event.
Kevin Noreen of Minnesota Transitions - Kevin had 32 points, 13 rebounds, ten assists, and eight blocks against a very fast and top ten ranked Minneapolis Patrick Henry team. Handled the ball in the second half and in the overtimes plus chased down some very important boards. Made all ten of his field goal attempts including a pair of threes plus Kevin made ten of 13 free throws. So far Kevin has 113 points through three games.
Peter Crawford of Benilde-St. Margaret's - The UMD commit showed his range as a pair of triples were a part of his 18 second half points against Lakeville South. Crawford scored 25 points for the game.
Jake Kreuser of Henry Sibley - Had one of the best games of his career when he held Chad Calcaterra to two of 13 shooting plus scored 11 points himself. Strong on the glass with nine boards, his length gave Chad a big problem down low, and Jake also had a couple swats.
Chad Calcaterra of Cloquet - Struggled to score from the field but he still battled. Chad blocked an eye opening seven shots, scored eight points, and had eight rebounds.
Marshall Bjorklund of Sibley East - Bjorklund actually looked a little taller than Shelby Moats even though he's listed an inch shorter. Maybe it was a hair difference. Whatever the case he battled for 28 points in a losing effort and what caught attention of fans was his relentless attack. If Marshall missed he would battle his way to the o-board most of the time and put that in. He also showed several low post moves and the ability to use both hands.
Jacob Thomas of Columbia Heights - Playing in the clutch he had some huge moments and some that he will take away as learning experiences Down the stretch Jake made a crucial three-pointer in the half-court set that stretched his team's lead and he went to the final line constantly on his way to 33 points. He did have a bad foul late that was almost costly but for the most part Jake was unstoppable.
Aaron Anderson of Osseo - Anybody who has played off-guard most of their life and needs help transforming to the point position should seek out Aaron and take notes. He was outstanding Saturday leading all of the Osseo weapons.
Seantrel Henderson of Cretin-Derham Hall - Scored nine points but his inside presence was a key to the Raider victory. Seantrel blocked at least six shots in the second half and overtime and one of the blocks was blasted into the backboard with extreme velocity. It wasn't your normal block either, it looked more like a grizzly bear smacking a beehive into a wall.
Jordan Hughes of Minneapolis Henry - Jordan scored 30 points included an eight point stretch that saw him make a three, hit another three, and then a reverse lay-in in consecutive possessions. Jordan was at the rim whenever he wanted blowing through the defense.
Aaron Johnson of New London-Spicer - Scored 27 points and dominated the middle against Sebeka. Could be a quality mid-level MIAC post player but a higher level football player seems more likely for his future. Solid on the court as well.
Erik Tengwall of New London-Spicer - Didn't have a great game but had a fantastic finish. D2s were in the crowd as he hit a memorable game winning three-pointer from the corner with the clock running out.
Jalen Jaspers of DeLaSalle - Scored 18 points in the first 18 minutes before going cold in half number two. Did a lot of scoring in the open floor on his way to 25 points.
Joey Cuperus of Sebeka - At Joey's size he will have to play more on the wing in college basketball and right now his ball skills aren't there. He does have the potential to be a very good defender and role player some where with his length and activity. Scored 15 points.
Mark Devine of Mpls. North - His offensive game wasn't utilized much other than to fly and get dunks but his length at 6-foot-7 combined with his high rising ability was a real problem for the Bulldog offense early.
Markus Shaw of Columbia Heights - Anybody with scholarships to give need a sleeper? Shaw may have played his way into scholarship consideration because he showed athletic ability with his outstanding defense as well as his high-flying basket attack. Markus also hit a big three-pointer on his way to 11 points.
Seth Marx of Benilde-St. Margaret's - You can bet that several college coaches highlighted the name Seth Marx after he knocked down four straight three-pointers in the second half. BSM put up 67 second half points against Lakeville South and the 6-foot-4 Marx had 19 for the game.
Jasper Duberry - Duberry had a stretch of three straight made jumpers including two three-pointers plus his basket attack was as tough as ever. He scored a game high 22 points.
Jordan Riewer of Staples-Motley - Talk about a cool customer. All day Jordan played point handling the athletic defense from Columbia Heights and still giving his team a chance to win. Jordan hit two free throws with single digits on the clock and his passing off the pick and roll was picture perfect.
Chris McMorris of Osseo - Chris is that Osseo senior who played mostly JV as a junior and than steps up to have a big senior year. They have one every year and Chris is that player this year. He scored a team high 15 points knocking down triples and he had a huge dunk in the halfcourt set that had everybody gasping.
Jacob Meyer of Chaska - The senior off-guard stepped up to produce 20 points including a game tying three-pointer that helped the Hawks push the late game into overtime. With Ross Travis going to the bench with a back injury Meyer stepped in to produce.
Alex Richter of Lakeville South - Alex did everything within his power to stop his team from going on a three game losing streak scoring 27 points. Alex had no problem getting to the cup early but later there were several blockades and when he can add a pull-up jumper to his game he would be even more of a weapon.
Marvin Singleton of Hopkins - Produced 23 points and a lot of it was down low. Marvin supplied his teammates with a great target to pass to as he used his power to separate from the low post defender and then his athletic ability to catch and explode to the rim.
Joe Coleman of Hopkins- Continued his early season scoring onslaught with 31 points. Joe attacked baseline for several scores while others came on put-backs and fast breaks. He didn't show his jumper off much other than a couple pull-ups but Coleman really didn't need to because his athletic ability allowed him to get to the rim all of the time.
Jake White of Chaska - White scored 29 points and what caught the eye was his face-up jumper as well as his mid-range game. He did a lot around the rim as well but Jake has taken his offense away from the hoop with even more consistency.
Shelby Moats of Waconia - Waconia big made four three-pointers on his way to 21 points and a victory. Shelby withstood the banging of Bjorklund all day.
Cole Olstad of PEM - Showed off his stroke with one of the biggest moments of the event as he gave the Bulldogs halftime momentum with a buzzer beating three-pointer. Scored 23 points against the Minneapolis North athleticism.
Nick Latzke of Minnetonka - Latzke's game has expanded to include a slashing attack. Latzke has been scoring off the dribble with regularity plus the three-point stroke is still there.
Rodney Owens of Minnesota Transitions - An interesting athlete who is long and agile. He recently moved to Minnesota from Kansas City and when he picks up some experience Owens could take off.
John Clark of Sebeka - John is a lot like Joey with a little better ball skill but not quite the build. If he can improve his ball skills he could open eyes because schools out there like his athletic ability and work ethic.
Max Watts of Chaska - Watts has defined his label as a scorer so far this year. Twenty-six more points against Minnetonka included the nail in the coffin three-pointer in OT.
Cody Pulju of Sebeka - Led the team with 17 points and was affective shooting the ball. Schools may not like his form but it's been successful for him.
Isaiah Zeirden of Benilde-St. Margaret's - Isaiah helped take over the game in the second half scoring 25 points. As soon as the D1s heard that Isaiah was playing they quickly jumped from the back gym to the front gym to evaluate the young prospect.
Jaylin Dubose of Mpls. North - The 5-foot-11 Dubose looks to have a promising future as he showed shooting range as well as some slashing skill on Saturday. He scored nine points and made an impact as North tried to make a comeback.
Cortez Tillman of Cretin-Derham Hall - What's not to like about this young Raider stud? The jumper looks near textbook, his basket attack is tough to contain, and he's got a high level of quickness. Scored a team high 19 points.
Taylor Montero of Cretin-Derham Hall - A game into his sophomore year and Taylor already has a rep as a clutch shooter. Late in the first half Montero stepped off the sideline to catch, pull-up, and make then he hit the game winner in the corner.