Two-a-Day Report: Mikias Alipate - Holy Angels

Top prospect Mikias Alipate sent in a great two-a-day report! He also provides us with lots of team detail. Check out his report here:
As we are on to our second week of two a days we have been working effortlessly towards our first game verse Edina on the 24th. Sam Keis is back with lots of moves and he's improved his game over the off season so much. As a captain he has the potential to lead the team to lots of wins.
This year was projected as a down year for our team given we lost some key players like: Brett Pierce, Michael Price, and Tj Patrias; but so many seniors and juniors have stepped up and now are fulfilling starting spots that they are making a big impact on our team.
Connor McCarthy and Wallace Hicks, will be two linebackers for teams to watch out for as a sleeper players. Max Steininger (senior OLB) was a JV player and has worked his way up through the ranks and now is making lots of noise on the other side of me on the linebacking core.
Our offense has made some adjustments this year and we have turned into a dual threat team with lot's of receivers returning back like kyle fallon. Our team is very progressive this past week, almost installing our whole offense and looking to perfect it this upcoming week.
The defense has totally been installed - including all coverages, blitzes, and schemes, thanks to the pushing efforts of our defensive coordinator Jim Gunderson. We have made leaps and bounds in the mental part of the defense this year too. Using almost everything from the previous season and more. overall, our team looks great, we are very excited to play edina, and for the 2013 season ahead.