Video highlights - extended interview: Robbie Grimsley - Hutchinson

Hutchinson Minnesota's Robbie Grimsley garnered a lot of attention with his recent Prep Bowl appearance. Grimsley, who is just a junior, talks about the game, his recruiting status, training plans, and much more.
Grimsley broke the Minnesota High School Prep Bowl record with a 92 yard touchdown, and was closing in on breaking the rushing record, when he went out in the third quarter with an ankle injury. He was able to return, finish the game, and help win a State Championship for Hutchinson. He talks about his injury and his feeling on being sidelined:
"I have recovered from my ankle injury. I had just rolled it during the game, but it was frustrating because the trainer wouldn't let me get back in there until he had re-taped it. The more of the game I couldn't play in, the more I was itching to get back in there and help my team win back to back state titles. I missed about the last eight minutes of the third quarter but returned for the fourth."
Grimsley was wrapped up in the intensity of the game and did not know the significance of the numbers he was putting up.
"I was not aware of the prep bowl rushing record until my coach had told me I only needed about 120 yards, for the record, during halftime. He told me he was going to give me a shot at it but unfortunately I rolled my ankle and wasn't able to get a chance," he said. Grimsley added this about his record run: "On the 92 yard run, there was a huge hole made by the O-line on the right side and I got a block from our other tailback on the last DB and it was open field from there."
Grimsley is already putting together his off-season training regime.
"For next season, I will be lifting weights all winter and summer while running track in the spring to work on my speed. I also plan on attending many camps in the summer to improve my skills and footwork. Right now I'm 6'0" 175lbs and my 40 at the end of the summer was 4.52. "
He has been getting regular attention for the University of Minnesota and other programs as well:
"I was invited to all of the Gophers home games but I was only able to attend three. All of the invites went well and they invited me to watch some of their bowl practices they have coming up. I also went to Northern Illinois and Iowa State games which went very well."
Grimsley is a top student and has also had considerable interest for several programs with high academic standards.
"As of right now, my GPA is a 3.81 and on my ACT I got a 29. I will be re-taking it in the spring. I'm trying to take as many AP classes as I can but as of right now I don't have an exact plan for college," he said when discussing his grades, test scores and college plans.