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Zero Week Stat leaders

The zero week games are in the book. This coming week football really get going with hundreds of games being played on Thursday and Friday. Let's take a look at the Zero week numbers.
Let's look at some the top performances from the early games. Maxon Hutton from Chanhassen put up 183 yards in passing and rushed for another 75. Dan Peitruszewski from South St. Paul passed for 140 and rushed for another 81. Chaska's Justin Arnold passed for 112 and rushed for 95. While Chester Whalley from Brooklyn Center passed for 111. The over all leader for yards per game as Oscar Johnson from Hopkins with 183 yards. Hutton was second at 169, Peitruszewski had 140 and Justin Arnold for Chaska at 112. Chester Whalley's total yards were 111.
In the receiving category Adam Buirge from Brooklynn Park led the pack with 166 yards and two touchdowns. Brooklyn Center's Rufus Mendin was second with 78. Chaska's Sean Engel was at 61, Derek Meyer from St. James area 58 and Chanhassen's Kenyon Brannen had 57, his teammate, chad Mapes came in with 52.
In tackles Chanhassen led the pack as Justin Wilson racked up 22 and Quinn Lanners added 13. Chaska also had two top tacklers in week one. Peyton Sanders and fellow player Rodney Cobos had 10 and 9 respectively.
Did we forget rushing? no, just saved them to last. Ryan Richelsen led the State at 159, Chaska's Garett Glieden was a close second with 152. Nate Tesch from Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity had 120. D'Tavius Williams had 117 for Hopkins and Jason Barto 97 for Brooklyn Center.
It's going to be fun to see how these players hold their spots after this week. There are lots of games coming up Thursday and Friday. I suspect that there are some names on the list that we will continue to see through the season.
Check back this weekend and see a new listing of leaders.
Note: Minnesota stats are problematic. There is not single source for certified stats and many teams don't provide them at all. Our numbers came from the Star tribune, MaxPreps, local and regional papers, coaches and players.